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I'm always looking for talent and make them part of the family .Your serious about WHAT you do , we got you .With -Come be your own show within the stream .Let the world hear what you have to say! I also have the Tell Me ! Tell Me ? Show with varies interviews from everyday people to celebrities interviews .Special live broadcast from live events .Varies time spots .
David Rojas a.k.a. DJ DR1 - Am originally from the Bronx New York what inspire me to be a DJ was growing up watching my older brother play with these records making and making these weird sounds that's called scratching today . Which is one of my favorite things to do as a DJ .My main thing I do it for the love of the music.
I was born in Puerto Rico but moved to New York at a young age. My DJ career began as my love for music became a passion. Working as a mobile DJ in New York eventually gave way to the New York club scene. Whether it is Hip-Hop, Latin, Dance, House, Latin House, Reggaeton, Reggae or good old Country music bringing a club, restaurant, wedding, special event or any party to life is what I love to do. In 1991 I relocated my family to Southwest Florida. Since that time my experiences as a club and mobile DJ continue but are not limited to events such as clubs, restaurant, weddings, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens and many other types of venues or special events. 
Hello everyone,
My name is Dancer and I'm from Brooklyn NY. 
My passion for music has led me here to Hot101.Net.
 I play a variety of music and discuss important events. I bring a little Latin Flavor to the station. Lock it in and check out my and all our shows.
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 DJ Lexus
DJ Tony G
DJ Catalyst  is one of southwest Florida's most fun and energetic EDM DJs. What started as a hobby for Catalyst soon became an obsession. As his skills progressed he began to reach out to other local DJ talent and promoters until he began working the club circuit. As his skills began to grow he began expanding himself to open format DJing which has expanded his shows from just festivals and clubs to weddings and corporate events. His client base spans the entire west cost of Florida from Tampa to Naples with plans to expand to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. His love of mixing has been passed down as his son too is beginning to explore more diverse areas of mixing such as Trap and Dubstep. DJing is beginning to become more of a family affair and Catalyst looks forward to working with all of his children and expanding the business to service a wide variety of venues.​

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Dancer Vee